Our children are going to be okay.

I’m very fortunate to able to work as an educator, communicating with children and parents for whom I care deeply.

After talking with hundreds of parents, I’ve learned that the ailments of parenting are rooted deeply in the inner fear that our children are not going to be okay, the feelings of guilt that we’re not doing enough, or that things need to be always perfect.

We struggle with the assumption that what we want and need is what’s best for our children. We have feelings of arrogance: that they should make us feel proud, that our children belong to us, and they’re here to fulfill what we’re missing.

In the end, I have found that all parents love their children with great intentions, but somehow throughout the journey, because of these perceived expectations and fears, they feel like they have lost their deep connection with the child.

By going through the process of healing your childhood fear and wounds, and reconnecting with what matters most to you, I hope you can leave behind your fear, guilt and high expectations to find more joy and kindness. I hope that you are able to discover and enjoy your precious parent-child relationship enormously.

I hope you’ll learn to praise yourself for any small step in progress, knowing that you are enough, no matter what. Because in the end, everything will be okay, and our children are going to be okay as long as they know they are loved unconditionally no matter what they do. They will be okay knowing that they have your constant guidance in forming their own values and that they’ve been given a free choice to be who they are.

The child you see today is still the beautiful little baby you gave birth to after nine months of waiting, imagining what he or she may look like. Your child is still that same baby with tiny fingers, wandering eyes and longing for your touch and love. There is still so much growth, joy and meaning waiting ahead for both of you.